How important is domain name in SEO | EMD vs Brand name domain

What you plan to start a new website, it is the first question, what domain name to choose. You may do research on internet about how to choose a good domain. Name of the domain can be reason to get success on SERP and on social media as well.

The first thing may come in your mind is to choose a name which is related with your products or service. These days so much has been written on internet about SEO and keywords, which everyone knows about SEO and Keywords in bits and pieces.

Well, choosing a domain name which contains your product or service words in it, has become old fashion now. Especially about the SEO. The exact matching keywords domain is not going to give your any extra advantage in SEO.

According to updates of Google algorithm, the EDM are no more gain importance in SEO just because of name. One should work for SEO  like other website.

Then, is it totally waste to book a Exact Matching Domain? The answer is NO.

If you have a EDM, it is not totally waste. These types of domains help to get better CTR. If you are planning to run PPC, then this decision will help your domain to perform above other competing websites.

But still it is good to book a domain name which is named on your brand name. According to Google officials, the brand name gain more weight age over other names.

Brand is the name which gain trust from people. So, choose it wisely.

Days of the Week and Related Work / Job / profession by planets

According to astrology, any new business should start on a particular day and time. This depend on the nature of business.

Sunday – Lord Sun – center and true self, royalty, leadership, directors, government, entertainment, technical subject, science.

Monday – Lord Moon – The public and woman, food, clothing, hotels, PR, visual arts, film, import/export

Tuesday – Lord – Mars – sport, martial arts, security, hair cutting, acupuncture, real estate, construction, surgery, dental profession

Wednesday – Lord Mercury – Writting, mathematics, editing, astrology, the media, translating, communication

Thursday – Lord Jupiter – Spiritual pursuits, teaching, the law, psychology, astrology, tutoring, education

Friday – Lord Venus – fashion design and beauty, art, entertainment, music, dancing, florist, leisure industry, diplomacy. also an excellent day to get married.

Saturday – Lord Saturn – Farming, social work, gardening, antiques, geology, business and contracts that last.

SEO & PPC together work best | Best SEM strategy

Just launch a brand new website, and now searching for best strategy to get traffic? There are two options to drive traffic to your website. SEO and PPC. These two options will do the thing for you. But it will require a planning according to the industry you are in.

At one where SEO is free in a way, because you do not pay for every click or impression. But this very process of SEO is not done give results overnight. It is a lengthy process which may take minimum of 3-4 months depending on the keyword and competition of your industry.

So, if you are needed to get customer’s visit to your website immediately, then PPC is the best solution. Because PPC advertisement can be live in a day. Once it is live it will start showing your ad with targeted keywords and thus relevant traffic.

If your website is old and you are getting somewhat traffic without doing anything. You can give a try to PPC once and see how good results you can receive by investing some amount of money in paid advertisements.

When you run PPC, Google gives you a lot of data which includes the keywords that driven the relevant traffic. By analysing this data you can make a strategy for SEO. You can get a idea on which keywords to work on more by comparing the competition level.

SEO is very good in putting your website on top for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are they keywords in which the visitor put a few extra words about the query. Like instead of searching “Website Designing Company” one may search “which the cheapest website designing company with good review”.

In PPC there are many keywords which are very expensive. You can take a decision to focus such keywords. Once your website started ranking with those high costing keywords on top with the help of SEO. Now you can shift your budget of PPC to other keywords.

With PPC, there is one advantage. You can test any new thing about your business website by just giving a try on PPC with new idea. Like if you want to see, how your new tagline is going to attract your customer. You can put it on PPC and can see the results immediately. While SEO will not be able to give you the glimpse of your idea so fast.

In simple words, it is good to go for both PPC and SEO together. This will help a lot.

हॉकी के जादूगर मेजर ध्यानचंद की रोचक बातें

Major Dhyanchand
Major Dhyanchand

हॉकी के जादूगर ध्यानचंद का जन्म आज के ही दिन 29 अगस्त 1905 में हुआ था | उनके सम्मान में इसी दिन हर साल खेल में उत्तम प्रदर्शन के लिए राजीव गाँधी खेल रत्न पुरस्कार दिया जाता है |

कुछ रोचक बातें –

14 अगस्त 1936 के जर्मनी और भारत के बीच हॉकी का फाइनल खेला जाने वाला था लेकिन बारिश के कारण यह मैच 15 अगस्त को खेला गया | इसमें हाफ टाइम तक भारत 1 गोल से आगे था | फिर ध्यानचंद का जादू चलना शुरू हुआ और एक के एक, कई गोल दागकर इस मैच को भारतीय टीम ने जीत लिया | इस मैच के दौरान हिटलर भी वह मौजूद था |

मेजर ध्यानचंद हॉकी के प्रैक्टिस रात में किया करते थे वो भी चाँद निकलने के बाद |

ध्यानचंद बुंदेलखंड के रहने वाले थे | वहां के लोग आज भी उनको दद्दा कहकर उनको याद करते हैं |

ध्यानचंद ने इंटरनेशनल हॉकी में 400 गोल दागे | कहते हैं  हॉकी में चुम्बक लगे होने के शक के कारण एक बार उनकी हॉकी तोड़ कर देखी गई थी |

ध्यानचंद से प्रभावित होकर हिटलर ने उन्हें जर्मनी की फौज में बड़े पद के लालच दिया, लेकिन ध्यानचंद ने उसे ठुकरा दिया | ध्यानचंद ने कहा – हिंदुस्तान ही मेरा वतन है और मैं वहीं के लिया आजीवन हॉकी खेलता रहूंगा |