Days of the Week and Related Work / Job / profession by planets

According to astrology, any new business should start on a particular day and time. This depend on the nature of business.

Sunday – Lord Sun – center and true self, royalty, leadership, directors, government, entertainment, technical subject, science.

Monday – Lord Moon – The public and woman, food, clothing, hotels, PR, visual arts, film, import/export

Tuesday – Lord – Mars – sport, martial arts, security, hair cutting, acupuncture, real estate, construction, surgery, dental profession

Wednesday – Lord Mercury – Writting, mathematics, editing, astrology, the media, translating, communication

Thursday – Lord Jupiter – Spiritual pursuits, teaching, the law, psychology, astrology, tutoring, education

Friday – Lord Venus – fashion design and beauty, art, entertainment, music, dancing, florist, leisure industry, diplomacy. also an excellent day to get married.

Saturday – Lord Saturn – Farming, social work, gardening, antiques, geology, business and contracts that last.

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