How important is domain name in SEO | EMD vs Brand name domain

What you plan to start a new website, it is the first question, what domain name to choose. You may do research on internet about how to choose a good domain. Name of the domain can be reason to get success on SERP and on social media as well.

The first thing may come in your mind is to choose a name which is related with your products or service. These days so much has been written on internet about SEO and keywords, which everyone knows about SEO and Keywords in bits and pieces.

Well, choosing a domain name which contains your product or service words in it, has become old fashion now. Especially about the SEO. The exact matching keywords domain is not going to give your any extra advantage in SEO.

According to updates of Google algorithm, the EDM are no more gain importance in SEO just because of name. One should work for SEO  like other website.

Then, is it totally waste to book a Exact Matching Domain? The answer is NO.

If you have a EDM, it is not totally waste. These types of domains help to get better CTR. If you are planning to run PPC, then this decision will help your domain to perform above other competing websites.

But still it is good to book a domain name which is named on your brand name. According to Google officials, the brand name gain more weight age over other names.

Brand is the name which gain trust from people. So, choose it wisely.

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